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Its time for me to sell my beloved bronco. The reason im selling it is the motor is burning oil and i dont have the time for it any more i moved back home for a better job and the truck is with the gf sitting.

I bought the bronco to fix it up and turn into a tail/ camping truck i dont have the time or money for it so my loss is your gain.
I recently replaced the entire front clip, core support, hood, headlights, driver and passenger side doors from a 87 Eddie Bauer

I have the pink slip
It passed smog in ca last year

I will not part it out, i dont have the time or the tools to part it out

I am asking for 1750 but will accept offers

The good:

New battery
New Starter
New Radiator
New Alternator
New Water Pump
New Heater core
New front rotors and pads
New master cylinder
New spark plugs
New spark plug wires
New Cap and Rotor
New ECT sensor
New sending units for the temp
Rebuilt C6 and NP208 Transfer case less then 5k miles on it
New BFG p235/75r/15 tires less then 1k
I replaced the vac lines with heavy duty rubber hoses
I replaced the instrument cluster about 200 miles ago, all the gauges were dead on the instrument cluster the battery voltage and engine temperature gauge work
I replaced the back bench seat the old seat belts wouldnt lock
I replaced the driver and passenger side seat belts, the old ones wouldnt lock

The Bad:
The sending unit in the gas tank is getting a reading until the tank is almost on empty the unit needs to be replaced

The heater and a/c dose not work, the blend door needs to be fixed for the heater and the vac lines needs to be replaced for the a/c the vac line is cracked on the actuator under the hood

The steering is a little loose
the front suspension needs the bushings
The doors need interior panels
The interior needs the trim around the windshield
The passenger side power window and tail gate motors need to be replaced
The stereo system dose not not work
The speakers in the doors need to be hooked up
The windshield wiper sprayer dose not work
There is a dent on the driverside door and part of the body

The motor is burning it has a bad ring

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