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I have 2 Broncos up for sale. A 1990 XLT (white/gray) and 1989 XL (red). Both of these were running (information from the person I purchased them from) with the red 1989 running rough and both of these are manual transmssion.

The 1990 has a cracked bellhousing where the starter sits (starter does not sit in line with the flywheel to even attempt to start it) on the M5OD-R2 transmssion which is why the 1989 was purchased. The 1990 does need a fuel pump and I never had a chance to go any further than that. Tailgate is in good shape with just surface rust that can be seen in the pictures and the window doesn't work from the switch, most likely just corrosion in the plug. The 1989 does not have a rear driveshaft, as the main shaft donated itself to putting one together for mine, but I still have the ends laying around if you want those.

I do have some more bullet hole wheels (both a set in standard and a set in 10" width) if anyone wants spares to go with it for a little extra, and one extra sawblade (currently my spare) I can sale as well with them.

You will need to tow these either on trailer or roll back. I do have signed South Carolina titles for BOTH of these.

Located in McIntyre, GA 31054

Selling for $1600

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