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1990 Ford Bronco, Eddie Bauer, Fullsize, 4X4, 5.0L/AOD/bw1356. odometer says 400 miles, but best guess is 200,400 miles. The engine runs strong. new-ish trans, i recently swapped in an AOD from a f250 it had about 80,000 miles on it when pulled. it has a shift kit, so it shifts a little hard. comes with a full size spare with 90% tread. I have the tan top also, still in good condition, i just liked the look of the black better, you can have whichever one, or both.

full exhaust: Long tube headers, dual pipes with turbo mufflers, sounds great.
ignition: jegs coil (49,000 volts), cap and rotor, jegs 8mm plug wires, and spark plugs.
air filter
oxygen sensor

No radio or speakers, but i got some extra stuff lying around i can probably throw in there with it.
Power windows don't work, the rear does, but somewhere in the wiring it is messed up, so i just put 12v right to the motor, and it works fine.
Some interior panels off, but will probably have them all back in.
Rusty, but i put rust stopper on the big areas, so it should not get much worse.

$800 or best offer. The truck runs strong, and i wish i could keep it, but i have to many vehicles and have to get rid of atleast one. the truck is located in berkley MI. If you have any questions, call Josh at (248) 259-5375.

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