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1990 E4OD MLPS Wiring

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1990 EB 351 E4OD

I'm looking for help determining the correct order for the wires to be inserted into a new Ford MLPS connector.

I screwed up when changing out the part and didn't do it one wire at a time. Now I can't find the correct combination and the truck won't start.

I've searched this forum and the internet far and wide and can't find any wiring diagrams for this connector for a 1990. Other model years don't match up due to different wire colors, too many wires, or different connector. Mine has 6 wires, not 8 like most other years.

The local Bronco tranny expert said the best bet is to find someone else with a 1990 and have them take a look at theirs and pass on the info. I'm hoping there are some generous fellow 1990 owners on here who can help out!

Thanks everyone in advance for any help!
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Here is what I have on my 1990 after MLPS Upgrade to F5TP-7F293-AA...

First, look at this diagram, specifically the lower connector, for reference... FFI MLPS

Then I have as follows...

#1 - Blank
#2 - Light Blue/Yellow Stripe
#3 - Black/White Stripe
#4 - Blank

#5 - Red/Black Stripe
#6 - Violet/Orange Stripe
#7 - Black/Violet Stripe
#8 - White/Red Stripe

Be advised that Red might be Pink and Violet might be Purple, it is hard to see with a flashlight.

Or, see Steve 83's diagram, which is close to mine... Steve83 MLPS
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Seattle you are the man! Worked perfectly, thanks! I'm back in business!!
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