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1990 XLT 5.8 around 200k (firing order 13726548)

I bought a new bronco last year and am finally getting around to messing around with it. The thing lacks power and when i accelerate it hard ive noticed the transmission seems to shift harder than usual. Its not abnoxiously loud but its noticable. The temp gauge seems to go up a bit as well on hard acceleration.

I did a basic tune-up changing out the plugs, cables and dizzy cap, along with an oil change. I ran dry compression tests on all cylinders.
4-125 gas on plug
7-120 gas on plug
8-100 gas on plug
I ran a obd1 test and came up with a few codes but nothing that seems serious(44,33,65, and 21)But the code reader did say 6cyl which im assuming means its only registering that 6 cylinders are running. I did also notice that the oil smells a bit like gasoline and a there is a decent sized crack on the drivers side exaust manifold.

So today i went through with the engine running and pulled each cable off the dizzy cap individually. There were about 3 that made a noticeable difference but the rest only made a slight difference in performance. All of them gave spark, some more than others.

I know this is a long read but I really dont know where to go from here so any help is greatly appreciated. Im about to give up and take it to a ford dealership for a diagnostic, im at my wits end trying to troubleshoot this....
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