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So awesome my man! I just got a 1990 5.8w Eddie Bauer about a month ago. I'm looking to do the exact same work you are! I'll be following this closely!

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So I haven't posted in forever.... Been quite busy with life and fixing up the bronco and dealing with the wife's camaro blowing up AGAIN. Need to update the list here. Added some new to-do things and added some done things. Sadly none of the repairs and upgrades including switching to a clutched fan and putting on the right sized carb have seemed to help mpg at all. I'm really hoping it's just because the timing is off or even just a bad distributor that isn't advancing correctly. A bad dist would actually explain a couple of things come to think of it.

My to do list (old stuff):
-Change front diff oil - have oil and gasket just need to do
-Change tcase oil - have oil just need to do
-Redo wiring underhood especially winch, Hella lights, and main battery cables. Remove old sensors/connectors that are no longer needed.
-Fix vacuum issues especially blend door
-Replace turn signal switch - have part just need to do it
-Replace steering wheel
-Lots of paint and body work
-Replace radius arm bushings - have part just need to do it
-Figure out why coolant system won't hold vacuum - need to recheck this after the regasket job
-Fix or replace headunit - seems have magically fixed itself????.....??????
-Replace speakers???
-Replace ignition key cylinder - have parts now just need to do it
-Figure out why windshield washer nozzles don't work and for that matter where they went
-Quieter muffler and extend exhaust back to factory location - currently at the shop now (valentine's day weekend!!)
-Replace door seals
-Replace outer window seals and inner felts
-Replace carpet
-Wire back in license plate lights
-Repair or replace drivers seat
-Flip wires on passenger side window motor so up is up and down is down
-Repair or replace power lock on drivers side
-Strip tint off of rear window
-Bleed clutch
-Repair or replace dipstick (dipstick tube pulls out very easily)
-Rebuild trans or swap for rebuilt ZF-5 in preparation for 4bt swap

New stuff to do:
-Replace leaky master cylinder
-Install new valve covers (cast aluminum vs leaky stamped steel)
-Redo aftermarket gauge wiring job from PO and upgrade at least the oil pressure gauge (adjusting dimmer switch causes oil pressure to read low)
-Find out why hitting horn causes tach to go to zero rpm and a click in the glovebox area
-Replace windshield wiper motor - have part just need to do
-Get the darn ignition timing right!
-Replace driver window at some point (scratched up)
-Replace idler pulley (have part just need to do)
-Replace passenger side wiper arm
-Get rear bumper bolted on better

My done list (old stuff):
-Replace freeze plug that blew out - done- ford oem
-Replace leaky oil pan gasket - done- felpro
-Change engine oil - done- amsoil
-Change trans fluid - done- amsoil
-Change rear axle fluid - done -amsoil w/ felpro
-Change coolant - done
-Replace battery - done -interstate from costco
-Rebuild shifter - done - (best 15 bucks I've ever spent on a vehicle, my bushings were completely gone. I have video of before and after if anyone wants to see.)
-Rebuild carb – done
-Correct fuel pressure – done
-Correct high idle issue – done
-Replace radiator cap – done
-Strip tint off of front windows - done
-Replace rubber portion of fuel filler neck - done
-Replace wiper blades - done

Freshly redone items since last posting here on the forum
-Replace thermostat and housing - done
-Replace passenger exterior mirror - done
-Head gaskets - done
-Install ARP head bolts - done
-Intake manifold gaskets - done
-Water pump - done
-Install new exhaust headers and gaskets - done
-Install new cap and rotor - done
-Install new correctly sized carb - done (made an ENORMOUS difference in drive ability)
-Install new spark plugs - done
-Install new air filter kit - done
-Install new serp belt - done
-Install new fan and fan clutch - done
-Repair windshield wiper delay module - done
-Replace windshield wiper switch and knob - done
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