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Hello all,

I purchased a Dana 60 Kingpin for my truck and I'm gathering more information on performing a leaf spring front set up for simplicity of the swap. I want as close to bolt on of a setup as I can. My goal is to purchase a reverse shackle kit (rsk) from either SKy Manufacturing or PMF but I need to know for sure if the rsk hanger designed for the F-250/350 will fit over the Bronco crumple zone frame horns. I plan on boxing the crumple zones around the hanger later. I'd prefer not to use the specific Bronco hanger Sky sells because it needs to be welded on and I feel the rsk kits for the F-250/350 provide better bracing of the frame horns because they bolt on the sides of the frame, not just under like the Bronco specific kit. I do not have a welder or fab skills so I cannot build my own hanger at the moment and rather purchase a pre-made hanger.

I posted in another thread and a forum member said the rsk hanger should work on the Bronco but I would like to verify the specific measurements of the 1992-1997 F-250/350 to make sure the rsk for those trucks is compatible on the 92-96 Bronco. Can someone please provide me with these measurements?

These are the two kits I'm considering

PMF kit:

Sky kit:

Bronco Crumple Zone Frame horn


F-250/350 Frame horn with rsk



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you are in luck. I have a 96 bronco, and a 95 F350 that i have the PMF reverse shackle kit and X code springs on.
I can compare the 2 for you and provide measurements, bu ti will not be home for 3 days. Send me a message and i can send my phone number, and you can text to remind me.

Where are you located?
I am thinking about switching to coil overs on the 350, so i could sell you this kit for cheap...
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