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1993 351w XLT Tailgate Window Cover?

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Hey guys!

When I put my tailgate down on my 1993 Bronco XLT (window down), the window is exposed while inside the tailgate because the cover is missing.

Is there a website or place I could go to buy an aftermarket cover that is made to fit? I looked online and couldn't find any, and also searched for a while on this form, only finding a dead link. I don't think I want a carpet, as I'm going to RhinoLine the inside of the bed.

The window is visible when my tailgate is down and I don't want to drop anything on it and shatter my rear window.

(EDIT): Stress on aftermarket. I don't want to be paying crazy amounts of money for a rust-covered piece of metal. I've seen the ones on eBay.
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I know it's not an ideal solution, but I have seen several people make one from diamand plate and it looks decent.

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