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1994 Ford Bronco 5.8
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Hi guys, I’m new to this page, I bought a 1994 bronco couple months ago. Everything was fine, till I started driving it. Sometimes it drives perfect, but sometimes it makes a grinding noise when I put it on D. I have to start it on 1 or 2 then move up to D and it drives fine. When I come to a stop it jerks. It was showing the VSS sensor I replaced it code went away but it still does it.

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Yo Txbronco94

E4OD Transmission Control Indicator Light (TCIL) is a LED and overdrive on/off switch at end of the Transmission shifter stalk; flashing OD light is an indication of a transmission related trouble code in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).
Is it flashing while driving?

One possibility is the shift cable needs adjustment;


"Transmission Shift Control Cable Adjustment
CAUTION⚠: Under no circumstances should the cable be adjusted in any position other than (D) (overdrive) for the E4OD automatic transmission.

From inside the vehicle, place the gearshift lever (7210) in the the OVERDRIVE position (E4OD). Hang a three-pound weight on the gearshift lever.
  1. Raise vehicle on a hoist and position suitable safety stands under vehicle.

  1. Remove the shift cable from the transmission lever ball stud.

  1. Pull down the lock tab on the shift cable body.

  1. Position the gearshift lever in the DRIVE position (C6) or the OVERDRIVE position (E4OD). This is three detents from the front-most lever position with the first position counting as one.

  1. Connect the cable end fitting to the transmission lever ball stud.

  1. Push up on the lock tab to lock the cable in the correctly adjusted position.

  1. Remove safety stands and lower vehicle from hoist. Remove the three-pound weight from the gearshift lever.

  • CAUTION⚠: Under no circumstances should the cable be adjusted in any position other than (D) (overdrive) for the E4OD automatic transmission.
    After making the adjustment, check for park engagement. Check the gearshift lever in all detent positions with the engine (6007) running to make sure correct detent/transmission actions. Readjust if necessary." By Ford
"Inspect the gearshift lever (7210) for damage, binding conditions and proper operation. Replace the gearshift lever as necessary." By Ford

ASAP, find out if speed control recall work, if equipped was completed @ Recalls Look-up by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number); or @ Welcome to Ford Owner | Official Ford Owner Site; or ... have VIN ready. While there, see most Ford dealer maintenance/repairs done @ any dealership nation-wide.
See this guide by jowens1126 to confirm recall status @ 93 & 94-96 Cruise Control Recalls Repair
Note that the 93 recall is different than 94-96.

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BabaLooey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links) ... includes such as, "Tailgate Window repair & troublehooting.

1994 Bronco Brochure, Partial; Cover & Page 3; plus pics of EDDIE BAUER model accessories.
by BigRob at 1994 Ford Bronco Bronco Accessories pictures, videos, and sounds |

Try to find time to participate in our current Full-Size of the Quarter Contest & later, in the years Full-Size of the Year Contest @ Voting
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Yo Txbronco94
Inspect linkage carefully as suggested.
And check Bolt, Nut and Washer, and make sure bracket locking tab is fully seated and locked into place.

ItemPart NumberDescription
17E395Shift Cable and Bracket
27B229Transmission Shift Cable Bracket
356137-S100Bolt, 3/8-16 x .62
4N801555-S2Nut and Washer, M8-1.25
ATighten to 30-40 Nm
(22-30 Lb-Ft)
BTighten to 17-23 Nm
(13-17 Lb-Ft)

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As mentioned above check the cable throw, loose bolt at the column base and MLPS. The description sounds like the torque converter is locking. The 2 likely causes for that are the transmission solenoid pack or the EEC. I would lean toward the EEC because it seems the TCC circuit goes bad with age.

There is a purple/yellow wire that can be cut to stop the issue but the torque converter lock is lost. Long term the E4OD isn't made for the heat of running unlocked all the time, so it's temporary or for troubleshooting.

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On my '94, the body is rust free, but the vehicle spent its early years in NC and VA, I think when it was in NC, it was on a beach a lot, as I vacuumed a pound of sand out of the carpets and seats.
The core support was completely rusted away, it's not too difficult to replace, took me a weekend, but look at that and realize that it will cost about $300 by time you replace all the bolts, etc. in addition to the core support. Availability of some of the core support hardware might be hard to source. Old core support top, new, painted support below. Notice that the lower portion of the core support is completely rusted away on BOTH sides.


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Well you can go through all the troubleshooting and maybe youll find it. Theres a few things that pretty much all these 94 Broncos have in common. Mostly bad electronics. One thing I have learned in 11 years of owning and working on my 94 is, you got to have spare parts. If you live in an area with good junk yards, I would go visit them regularly till you get a good quantity of spare parts.

Things you should get.

Instrument cluster
EEC - as many as you can find, be sure to crack them open with the proper Torx bit in the junkyard to inspect them for leaking capacitors before you buy them
PSOM - as many as you can find, make sure theres no obvious leaking capacitors.
Overhead console parts - from a Bronco or Explorer
Every module in the dash
Mas Air parts
Tailgate parts - anything that still works
Door panels if you can find them
A complete unbroken Dash
Complete uncut Door wiring
Complete uncut Window switches and the harness that runs from the drivers door, under the dash, across the windshield and to the passenger door.
Window motors - all of them

The 2 most common issues that kill a Bronco are the EEC and the PSOM. the vast majority of people would never think either of these would go bad. But they do, sometimes quite often.
I have been thru 3 EEC's 3 or 4 PSOM's. These cause bad shifting when the caps go bad. Intermittent limp mode, hard shifting like your getting rear ended. Its almost always these components that are bad. You could get 3 of them and all of them be bad. Its probably the reason they went to the junkyard, but sometimes you get lucky.

If you cant find any good ones, get some from ebay while the getting is good. One of these days they will be all gone or bad ass expensive.
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