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I've got the Bronco parked in the shop to replace the crappy carpet with vinyl and have decided to also replace the rear main seal as it leaks more than I care to observe.....I wanted to bounce ideas off the group....

Since the engine was all original that I purchased and only had about 5-10K miles on it, and sat in a shop for years, I don't figure the seal area is worn, just that the seal dried out and crapped it my first thought is I should not need a repair sleeve and can simply go with a teflon replacement.......

My second thought was to do what I did when I replaced the cracked flexplate on my 97 7.3L diesel, where I just slide the tranny back enough to get to it but now am thinking I actually should disconnect the E4OD and drop it down to slide it back enough to get good access to the seal....

Now following this train of thought, I don't believe I should drain the fluids from the tranny nor the converter, but am concerned about the fluid coming from the transmission cooling lines......are there any easy plugs to install there to protect the fluid and the cleanliness of the transmission while it sits for the period of time to change out the seal?

Opinions and thoughts welcome....


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Yo Madman,
NAPA, etc should have cooling line plugs such as individual "OTC 6703-3 will stop messy fluid leaks and prevent contamination during service. These are designed to plug all types of rubber and steel lines found on fuel, brakes, AC, power steering and transmission system."

As jowens1126 advised, "
While you have the converter off, replace these 2 seals. The front pump seal, and the converter seal."
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