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1995 302 5 speed as donor for a 1996 e40d 351

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Hello all, I’ve searched to see if anyone has done this, to no avail. I have a 1996 with a 351, I just found a 1995 302 5 speed bronco with new pressure plate, clutch, and slave cylinder for a hell of a deal! I’ve seen that the transmission won’t be strong enough behind the 351, let alone the 408 stroker I’ll be dropping in it. My question is, will the 95 work as a donor for most of the parts I’ll need? Pedals, steering column, brackets(?) and anything else. If these will simply bolt right up it would be easier for me to just find a zf5 for sale by itself. Also, I’ve read about ecm issues with the trans swaps but haven’t seen anything very definitive. If I’m running a 408 crate with a Holley sniper efi and a zf5 trans, what issues/corrections am I looking at as far as computer goes? Any advice is much appreciated! I’m pretty determined on the 408 stroker, the manual swap I would really prefer, but don’t want to get in over my head on.
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If you're doing the swap in stages (meaning, having the 351 for a while until you get to your stroker), you'd need an ECU for a manual transmission, until the engine and Sniper go in.

But as BB said, you can put the 5 speed in now, and complete the swap, work the kinks out, etc. etc. and then later when you find a ZF5, it's a direct swap. Pop the M5OD-R2 out and put the ZF5 in its place. They're the same bolt pattern and dimensions, as long as the ZF5 is for a 4x4 small block.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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