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1995 Ford Bronco XLT
FI 5.8L 351W
Automatic (E4OD)

The Bronco has just rolled 144k miles. It is a fully loaded XLT, Power Windows/Locks, etc. It is an Automatic (E4OD) with the 5.8L 351W motor. Extremely powerful truck and runs very well.

KBB on this truck is over $3500.

Has a decent set of 31" BFG All Terrains on it now, about 45% tread. 4x4 Works, Everything works, and it runs great. No smoke, etc. Does leak a slight bit of oil, about 3 or 4 drops when you park it, but that's it. No other leaks.

Has the factory Quad shock option up front as well. The truck was rear ended 3 years ago, and the pass. side rear was affected. The damage was purely cosmetic, absolutely no frame damage or any other drivetrain damage, The truck drives fine. The accident bent the tailgate and the pass. side 1/4 panel. As I said, the damage affects nothing but the looks of the truck. Aside from the damage on the truck, the rest of the body is in pretty good shape for the year. The truck is pretty clean.

This would make an excellent mud truck, that's what I bought it for. I was going to lift it and build it up, however I'd REALLY like to get a '78/'79 Bronco, or any other old truck.

As for trades, I'd be interested in Sports cars (V8 Only), 4x4's lifted or not, Ranger? Cargo Van? Pretty much anything I will consider, just shoot me what you have. I'd REALLY like to get an old '78/'79 Bronco or F-series, but will look at anything.

Will also consider projects. Solid Bodies preferred, mechanical condition can be whatever. Ideally I would like a '78/'79 Bronco with a great body and no motor/trans.

Price is $800/Trade

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