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hello, i am new to bronco's. i just purchased a 1995 ford bronco with 210000 miles. the bronco runs sweet. awsome power, stays in a straight line at 70mph, no leaks. i want to make this a family vacation truck. the problem i have is i know nothing about it. i bought it from a police captain in my town. it has a 351w motor. from what he said the truck was maintained very well, very dependable. is this alot of miles on a bronco, and what could be the first things i look for, as far as wear and tear. thanks for the info

i am trying to post images but i cant seem to get them from my desktop to the thread.

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as far as pictures, open a account with and upload there then link to here.

as far as what to look for.. really same thing you would on any other vehicle. I would go over all the bushings in the suspension and replace any that are cracked becouse both of mine have had some bad ones but thats the only thing i can think of at the moment. Maybe some othe other can give you some more things to watch for.

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Just having been in the market for a Bronco, 210K may be on the high side, but I saw plenty in that range (most were 130-200K). On the upside, sounds like its been a daily driver for 15 years, and was perhaps better maintained than one that sat around.

Check the weatherstripping, especially on the tailgate. This seems to be the leading cause of tailgate rust. If its cracked, replace it. If you doors rattle when going over bumps (drivers door probably will be the worst of em), replace the striker bolt / bushing.

Congrats on the new Bronco.

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As with any high mileage vehicle, keep an eye on everything. Take a few hours and crawl all around and under the vehicle. Look for things that look suspicious. Items that rub, move, are loose, etc. Fix or address as needed. This will help future issues. With regard to the tailgate, chek the drain holes in the bottom. When those get blocked water stays in the tailgate and rusts it from the inside out. I would reccomend also getting a service manual.

Other than that just stay tuned to FSB.

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First.....Welcome to the Board!
When I first got my bronco theis year I went over it and serviced everything that is serviceable, put new fluids in everything. I just have the front and rear diff's to do on mine but I am planing to put in some new gears in mine, so they will be waiting for a little bit.

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hey, thanks everyone for the input. i wasnt sure if there were a couple of things that broncos have problems with. i am trying to post some pics but i still cant seem to get them up here. i am not all that good with computers. this website wil be my friend for a long time. my list of things to do with this thing are long and not what the wife wants to see. thanks again

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Looks good! Congrats!

We have a 96, bought it new in May 96 and basically, we "over-maintain" it...meaning 3k mile oil/filter changes & lube, all filters changed, etc.. using Ford's severe duty schedule.

One of the most reliable daily drivers and beach run/light off road vehicles we've have ever had (incl the ex 78).
Still, we had minor problems that we addressed quickly.
Besides the usual visual, driveability and leak checks, look for:
- oil pan rust - our's formed spots @ 62k miles - sand it down and prime/paint it w/Rust Bullet® Automotive) & high temp. paint - too time-consuming replacement for such a basic thing as not having better gauge and undercoat/paint by Ford
- radiator plastic side seam leaks, esp. during engine cool-down period/overnight - our's leaked @ 50k miles & again just recently - look for leaks after engine has cooled down, esp overnight
- auto tranny - E4OD had a lot of improvements made by 96 so look for good shifts and see the maintenance records; fluids/filter should have been changed every 30k miles and less if used for towing
- rust in inner rear fender lips, bottom of B pillars and bottom of tailgate (fender lips are rusting due to Ford's flawed spot weld process on the inner (tub) and 1/4 panel that lets moisture & debris in the seam) - A Bronco may need extensive & $$$ patch or full panel replacements...
check tg drains for clogs/rust..check weather seals, esp the outer ws on glass
- radius arm bushing deterioration (I coated em w/pure silicone, from day 1) but replaced at 80k miles w/Daystar polyurethane bushings
- ball joints.. costly if not DIY
- Programmable Speedometer Odometer Module (PSOM), make sure it works; look for a waver in the needle at highway speeds; most get yard units for DIY
- look for some maint records or contact a dealer to see what maint was done to it a Ford dealership in the past (need VIN)
or on-line dealer service record summaries (Ford is adding entries now), etc. at Ford (need VIN) & must register if you haven't already for your other Fords.

Car Fax is ok, but they did NOT list over $5k in single accident damages on 3 of our past vehicles; & our ex-92 Van had less mileage listed than when we sold it according to a CarFax report 2 years later... they did nothing after we contacted them.
- cracked exhaust manifold/Y, etc.
- roof/gutter area cracks (mostly appl. to earlier years)
- emissions air check valve & cat. converter (AIR) tubes tend to rust early; as does the AIR tube; buy locally or from
- radiator core supports, lower, it rusts mainly on passenger side, PIA to replace
- body mounts and fram rust
For a 96 get it checked for codes free at Parts Stores if you don't diy; For pre 96 do a SELF TEST - by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
miesk5 NOTE, The self-test plugs were mounted on the passenger side fender on 1985-86 EFI trucks; miesk5 NOTE, The self-test plugs were mounted on the passenger side fender on 1985-86 EFI trucks. Self-Test Output (STO) is the Pin in the Lt gray Connector and Signal Return Ground (SIGRET) is Pin E in black Connector; The engine temperature must be greater than 50°F (10°C) to pass the KOEO Self-Test and greater than 180°F (82°C) to pass the KOER Self-Test. Run it around to heat the engine up and shift thru all gears incl Reverse. then; turn off all accesories/lights, etc. Make sure A/C is off and transmission is in Park (automatic) or Neutral (manual), release clutch. Do Key On Engine Off (KOEO) portion first. For Key On Engine Running (KOER) portion, the engine has to be @ normal operating temp. Look Codes up in my site using the new Search function.

- transfer case operation - electric push button motor/connector is a prob. area; usually usually a broken travel stop or the motor connector is fouled, etc.

Also the Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on when the electronic engine control system is not working properly. The check engine warning indicator comes on briefly when the ignition switch lock cylinder is turned to ON, and should turn off when the engine starts. If the check engine warning indicator does not come on when the ignition switch lock cylinder is turned to ON or if it comes on while the vehicle is moving, the system is malfunctioning
If the CEL does not light up at all when starting it; then suspect that someone removed it.
Same for Amber ABS lamp in Instr Panel.. The 4-wheel anti-lock brake system is self monitoring. When the ignition switch is placed in the RUN position, the anti-lock brake electronic control module will perform a preliminary self check on the anti-lock electrical system indicated by a momentary illumination of the amber ABS warning light in the instrument cluster. During vehicle operation, including normal and anti-lock braking, the anti-lock brake electronic control module monitors all electrical anti-lock functions and some hydraulic operations.

In most malfunctions of the anti-lock brake system, the amber ABS warning light will be illuminated. However, most malfunctions are recorded as a coded number in the anti-lock brake electronic control module memory and assist in pinpointing the component needing service.

Suggest you buy the official FORD EVTM, Service manual CD from E bay or Steve83 (use the search here for him and use the e mail function to contact him); it is the BEST under $15.00 or so thAng you can get to service and repair your Bronco!

The 95 Owner's Manual is avail on e bay but the 96 version is almost 100% equal
Get it for free from FORD; from same addy as above; (need VIN) & must register if you haven't already for your other Fords.
Owners Guide (Manual) for any Bronco/Ford truck & other Ford vehicles, get a free download for 96 to current year; register to view w/VIN; includes Scheduled Maintenance Guide
Source: by Ford via @


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