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I have a 2001 Corvette 6spd coupe, Z51, active handling, ltd slip, heads up display, with 27,500 miles (black on black) which has 7 months left on the lease. You can drive another 11,500 or so before the last payment is due on July 28, 2004. Anyone interested in taking it over? You need to have minty fresh credit to do so (sorry no tire kicking, pipe dreaming high schoolers please). I will pay the all transfer fees, which amount to about $300, plus the $350 disposition fee at the end of the lease. All taxes have been paid. You put no money down, and drive large with alot of miles until the end of summer. Nice. Yes its a Chebby, but a very fast one, and it is a chick magnet nonetheless. Has newer tires, and no, it is not a ZO6.

Lease payment is $639.82 per mo. The car stickered for close to $50 large when I got it. Insurance runs me only $1,300 per year, better than my bronco.

The buyout is just over $28K when the lease is up, FYI. However, I wouldn't keep it, as it had a lower half engine rebuild due to leaking rings, which were redesigned in 2002 and replaced by the dealer on this car.

I am moving on to something else, what, I don't know yet. If I wind up keeping it, I will still be happy, it has actually been a great car.
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