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2002 Ford Crown Victoria

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Jeez, 2 months without internet is long enough. We finally moved in our place (temporary again, but at least we OWN it). Expenses are piling up, so it's time to get rid of one of the cars :cry.

For sale is extremely nice 2002 silver P71. It has 135K, zero mechanical and close to zero cosmetical problems (2 antennas and one plug on the roof, one spotlight). Runs and drives very strong. Tires are about 7/32 all around. It has carpet and no holes inside, extra power point.

It got new windshield just couple weeks ago. Before we got it about 1.5K miles ago, it was completely serviced in dealership. After we got it, I just put a new Gatorback belt (old one was new but noisy).

Asking price is $6500. I would consider reasonable offer.
Pics are below (all taken with loaned POS camera, 8 on very humid day, another 4 on sunny day, invaded by flies :madder). All questions should be PM'd to me and I will try to answer ASAP.

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Nice car but I dont need one
Have you posted this up on Might be a few people there who would be interested.
Asking price is lowered to $6250 and from today car is advertised in at least 5 local papers.

Again, this is a REALLY nice car. Looks and drives as close to a new car as You could wish. PM me with any questions or offers
where do you live??
Baraboo, WI.

BTW, I got my Bronco from MN :D
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