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I like appears that the whole roof comes off. I'd buy's actually somewhat feasable to believe that it would come back as that. I remember back in '98 it was rumored quite heavily on BON that Ford had plans to bring back the bronco in non fullsize form, or, make a convertable Explorer Sport. Well the Explorer Sport is now discontinued...sooooo...what could Ford be working on? If anything at all? I definitely like it though.... :beer :thumbup

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from the link posted read the bronco spec thing.
The Intelligent 4WD System uses a fully computer-controlled clutch that engages the rear wheels only as needed. In normal conditions, the Bronco concept is driven by its front wheels.
Ford Bronco Concept Specifications
Vehicle Type Full-time 4WD Sport Utility
Length 4,078mm
Width 1,861mm
Height 1,790mm
Wheelbase 2,410mm
Track Front 1,586mm
Rear 1,586mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 268mm
Curb Weight 3,100 lbs.
Tire Size 265/70R18
Engine 2.0-liter Ford Duratorq TDCi 16-valve turbodiesel
Displacement 1,998cc
Bore x stroke 86.0mm x 86.0mm
Fuel type, grade Ultra-low sulfur premium diesel
Max horsepower 128 (178 with nitrous oxide boost) at 4,000 rpm
Max torque 244 lb-ft at 1,800 rpm
Compression ratio 19.5:1
Fuel injection Direct, Delphi high-pressure fuel pump with pilot injection
Turbocharger Allied Signal GT 20/17v with variable-geometry nozzle and intercooler
Emission controls Water-cooled EGR and oxidation catalyst
Emission level European Stage III

PowerShift™ Transmission
Type Layshaft based automatic
Number of gears 6
Launch/shift device Twin wet clutches
Torque capacity 332 lb-ft (450NM)
Ratio span 6.186:1
Type of clutch actuation Hydraulic
Type of shift activation Electro-mechanical
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