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Please discuss or ask questions in this thread

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THREAD and only post questions in this thread, DO NOT PM ME!

yep, its that time again and always a fan favorite :toothless

I will now start accepting submissions for the 2009 FSB member calendar, featuring the Bronco's of members here at FSB. I always receive a ton of submissions but there are only 13 spots available, 12 months and the cover, so get your pics in quick and follow the guidlines below the best you can. I choose the best based off best possible print quality, not popularity, member status, etc etc

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THREAD and only post questions in this thread, DO NOT PM ME!

Some things to know ...

1. Digital pictures only (sorry I just dont have time to receive prints and scan them myself, but you can scan and send the file)
2. the larger the better, ideal image size is 2300 x 1800 pixels
3. ideal DPI is 200
4. please choose 1-2 of your favorite ONLY
5. you may submit pics of multiple bronco's together, such as those from wheeling trips or meet and greets
6. .PNG image format preferred, then .JPG , then .PSD
7. Submit your name, city, state, bronco year, engine, trans, tire size & lift (if any)
8. Have fun with the pics, any subject or background, serious or goofy, clean or dirty, stock, modified, wheeling, etc etc
9. Please send the biggest picture file you can, I will resize and crop as neccessary
You can get an idea of what I am looking for by viewing the 2008 calendar, you can click on "View Calendar Pages" under the pic on the order page to see each months Bronco

Please note: not all submissions can/will be used. I choose the best based off quality, clarity, size and resolution, basically what will work best for the calendar. Please do not feel bad if your picture is not chosen, I try my best to change up the Bronco's from year to year.

Send Pics: Please send your picture submissions to [email protected] . that is Gmail , not a Q . DO NOT PM THEM OR SEND TO ANY OTHER CONTACT EMAIL YOU MAY HAVE FOR ME.

Again, post your questions in this thread, due to the volume of submissions and questions please refrain from PM'ing me questions , at the same time please be patient, I or someone else may have the answer and post it here.

I will accept submissions for the next few weeks. Please have them in as soon as possible but NO later than Nov 11th. Have fun everyone and thanks for participating!

LAST NOTE: Please read the entire post, if not all info is submitted it may mean your pic will automatically be deleted. PLEASE read everything and ask if you dont know. Do not forget the name, city, state, bronco year, engine, trans, tire size & lift (if any). PLEASE do not forget this info in your submission.
Here is some info on resolution and DPI...
Resolution and DPI are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different. Knowing the difference between them will enable you to get the most from's services.

Any digital image is composed of pixels. The pixels are the small colored square dots that can sometimes be seen when images are enlarged too much, or if you look at your screen close enough. Resolution is the number of pixels in the horizontal direction by the number of pixels in the vertical direction. For example, a picture with 1200 pixels at the horizontal direction and 2100 pixels at the vertical direction would have a resolution of 1200 x 2100 pixels (pronounced 1200 by 2100 pixels).

As you've probably noticed, nowhere in the above definition it is said what size the pixels are. This is where the DPI comes in. DPI is simply Dots Per Inch. A picture with 100 x 100 resolution would be 1 x 1 inch when printed at 100 DPI, and 100 x 100 inch when printed at 1 DPI!

There's a tradeoff. The bigger the resolution, the bigger the image is. It will take more disk space, occupy more memory when loaded, and will take longer to be transferred through the Web. On the other hand, the bigger the resolution, the better the image looks when printed. We feel it is better to wait a bit more for your photo to upload than to have a bad print at the end.

LAST CHANCE AND FINAL FINAL NOTE: do NOT PM or email me with questions, post them in this thread, for the love of all things good, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST, and INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION that i have asked for or i will delete your submission.

Please discuss or ask questions in this thread
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