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2021 2-Door Bronco Pricing:

: $28,500
Big Bend: $33,385
Black Diamond: $36,050
Outer Banks: $38,955
Badlands: $42,095
Wildtrak: $48,875
First Edition: $59,305

2021 4-Door Bronco Pricing:

Big Bend: $34,480
Black Diamond: $37,545
Outer Banks: $40,450
Wildtrak: $50,370
Badlands: $43,590
First Edition: $60,800


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I think the base price is the one that's the typo. It should be $33,200.

Also I believe all these prices are before destination charge and fees

Here's the list of prices with the fees included.
  • Base
    • Two-door: $29,995
    • Four-door: $34,695
  • Big Bend
    • Two-door: $34,880
    • Four-door: $37,375
  • Black Diamond
    • Two-door: $37,545
    • Four-door: $40,040
  • Outer Banks
    • Two-door: $40,450
    • Four-door: $42,945
  • Badlands
    • Two-door: $43,590
    • Four-door: $46,085
  • Wildtrak
    • Two-door: $50,370
    • Four-door: $52,865
  • First Edition
    • Two-door: $60,800
    • Four-door: $64,995

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That makes more sense, with the 2-dr vs 4-dr price gaps. It's weird that they're all ~$3k apart, but the Base is nearly a $5k gap. Unless there are options differences between Base models that are equal in other trims, the 2-dr base is the best deal. I'm guessing they skimped on some option there to hit the sub-$30k price point?

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I've been going through this post to get an idea of what each model comes with. I think the best but is to get a base model but then pay for the sasquatch package.


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this survey Ford put together provides some direction of what to expect:

The pricing survey reveals what is expected to be the MSRP for key options, for instance, the popular “Sasquatch Package,” which includes 35-inch tires, with 17-inch Beadlock Capable wheels, front-and rear-locking differentials, Bilstein position shocks, a 4.7 final drive ratio, and high clearance for fender flares. The package is standard for the Wildtrak and First Edition and a $4,500-$5,000 option for all other series. The move from the standard manual 7-speed transmission to the 10-speed automatic is $1,600 on the Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands and standard on all other series. Upgrading the base powertrain from the 2.3L EcoBoost to the 2.7L EcoBoost is a stout $3,500 and requires the 10-speed automatic upgrade on the Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands editions.

From a body style perspective, the price premium for a 4-door is $2,495 over the 2-door for the Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, and Badlands; the Base model is an aggressive $4,700. For the buyers of the First Edition models, the upgrade to the 4-door model will cost you $4,195. The Jeep Wrangler from Italian automaker Fiat charges a 2 to 4-door premium ranging from $3,255 to $3,745.

Most other features and prices are shared with the Ford Bronco 2-door except for the choices offered for the top/roof. With the added two additional doors, the upgrade from the standard black standard fabric soft top, it will cost $700 for a Molded Hard Top in Carbonized Grey. For a Shadow Black Molded Hard Top with removable rear glass, you will spend $1,900.

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I'll be more interested in the post-lease pricing in 3 or 4 years.
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