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Anyone else remember the 1980/81 ABC TV series "240 Robert"? It was about the LA County Sheriffs dept and their rescue team.Starring front and center was a base Custom 1979 Ford Bronco painted black/white.(I'm guessing this truck was 400/automatic/Full Time 4wd).This was the closest this generation Bronco got to be a TV Star.Several mentions in one episode (there was a skunk in the truck) of "Bronco" must have been like gold for Ford.I would imagine this mention was payback for Ford supplying the trucks in the first place.
Other TV famous Broncos were the 351HO XLT of Wes Kennedy in "Heart of the City"(1986/87 ABC TV) and OJ Simpson's low speed chase with his 90s white Bronco.Ted Nugent also had a couple full sizers as complimentary to his 66-77 collection.
"The Chief" Robert Parrish of the Boston Celtics was also a big Bronco fan,and would make personal appearances at Boston Ford Dealerships when he would take delivery of his newly ordered Bronco.
Lately it seems only the 66-77 Broncos have made their mark on TV commercials,as the popularity of those surge.
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