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I was going to tack this onto an existing thread: "Saginaw Power Steering Conversion 5.8W" But figured I's go separate,

I am in the process of swapping in a 351w to replace my 302 in my '87. During the swap, I picked up a PS/AC bracket for the Saginaw PS pump mostly because I had the old style compressor and could not find the small AC support bracket for that style. I grabbed a bracket from mid 90's van (with the 5,8) and up graded... so I thought.

I am using the accessories from the '87 302. Three or four of the pulleys line up (with the exception of the crank pulley, but that is probably due to the Scat balancer). My problem is the Saginaw bracket itself. The pics below show the issue. This is a dry mock up. The one bolt hole of the bracket that sits over the water pump has a substantial gap. Right now I would say that it is close to 3/8". I figure if I put the water pump bolt in the correct way 😐, then there still will be about a 1/4" gap.

View attachment 154074 View attachment 154075

So what is off? Did the engine builder give me an odd timing chain cover? But that would push the water pump pulley out. Did I grab the wrong PS bracket? Or should I just throw a spacer in there and call it a day.
Also, the bracket has the smaller (narrower) bolts for the compressor. Anything out there to keep the compressor lined up?

Lastly I have some heater hose issues, but one thing at a time...
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