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I've got a '91 F150 5.0 that I'm getting ready to tear into...I'm wanting to swap to a roller cam, and understand that beginning in/around 1988 Ford went to the redesigned 'roller ready' blocks in these trucks/broncs. I've personally viewed an 88 with the short lifter boss block (non-roller ready), and have heard stories of roller cams/lifters in trucks beginning in 1991 (although I seriously doubt it), and I've heard of trucks with the roller ready blocks, but without the retainer bosses drilled/tapped.

My truck's sticker shows a production date of 6/91, which I'm guessing is fairly late in the production year...I'm curious if any of you other 90/91 guys have made the switch to the roller setup, and if the lifter retainer holes were pre-drilled/tapped. If not, how difficult is this to do (without removing the engine)? Any help is appreciated.


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