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35" BFG Krawlers 95% Tread!!!! SOLD

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Like it says, 95% or better tread, never seen pavement all trail use. Tires are about 1.5 years old, no severe gashes, cuts, or chunking. Asking $900 or best. I will ship on your dime. Dont ask me for shipping quotes, you can get them yourself, my zip is 60416 I am though looking for 38.5x15x15 bogger with at least 90% tread that I will consider a trade. And no, I am keeping the wheels, this is tires only

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come on, someone needs Krawlers!!!:toothless
not exactly a cliffs tire! i see your moving up in style!
You be suprised, I impressed a lot of people with those Krawlers. They are a great tire and did me well, I just need something bigger, and a bigger Krawler is out of my current budget:toothless
i am having trouble reading the picture with the width of the tires. 13.50? thanks.

also, impossible to determine shipping without the weight of the tire.

Yes they are a 13.50

As for weight, I dont know they are still on the wheels.

If your a serious buyer I will find out the weight for you.
another bump
:thumbupSOLD BITCHES!!!
1 - 8 of 11 Posts
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