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Okay my 351M in my '79 had been rebuilt about a year prior to me purchasing it a little over a year ago. The guy said that it sat for awhile just after being rebuilt and when he started driving it again the engine developed a tick.

The tick has been getting louder and is more annoying then I can deal with. I have tried sea foam and other additives to see if a sticky lifter is the issue.

I am wanting to get opinions from you all as to what my best option would be since they are hydraulic and can't be adjusted or at least that is what I'm told.

#1) Is there anyway, other then rebuilding again to get rid of ticking? Is that cost effective?

#2) If the engine has already been rebuilt, what is the likelihood that I'll need a new long block if I have it rebuilt again?

#3) Just buy a new engine that is built for what I want.

My goal for it is that I want more power than it seems to have now. So a different cam and maybe roller rockers. I'll be putting in 4-10 gears next, 4" lift and 35's, so I need it to push those.

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more info on your tick. sure it is not a exhaust leak?

if rebuilding it again, a 400 with a decent cam is awesome in these broncos.

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FordFilly said:
Is there a test or something to determine which one is doing this?
Go out and buy a mechanics stethascope, it's the same kind of deal that the doctor uses to listen to your heart, but it has a long metal rod on it. You can stick that rod on whatever in the engine you suspect may be ticking and use that to find the source. Much better than listening to the end of a long screwdriver.

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Take the valve covers off and make sure its not a bent pushrod or something like that.

By the way, I second the 400 comment. I just got finished converting my old 351M to a mildly built 400 with 9.0:1 compression, and it screams. I'm afraid I'm going to break something...

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a broom stick makes a good stethescope to and way cheaper.
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