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thanks for the info. do you know anywhere to check the numbers because ive tried searching the net and just cant seem to find annything. im taking it out now and if it is a cleveland i think im gonna make it into a stroker so itll be bad
There is a book at Barnes and Nobles or other major book stores called Small Block Ford Engines. It has the Cleveland listed in there with numbers that will tell you what year it was and if it was a 2 or 4 bolt or not. My friend Curtis had a 4 bolt Cleveland in his truck when he bought it, I saw it myself. Someone put it in there. He pulled it and sold it for some green.

The M series engines have a large following with some truck owners including myself. They are good motors when equipped with the right cam, intake, carb and header. Stock they just plain ole suck. Like I said though, with a few modifications, the modified motor will do quite well in a truck, mine runs great. I have a 4 speed in my truck and on the highway I don't need to down shift (don't think I could anyways) and it just gets right around people when I need to pass and has excellent bottom end right off the line.
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