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colinlesser said:
ok i have a 1966 mustang that im working on for some one and its got some serious problems and i need some suggestions on the possible causes, it has a freshly rebuilt block/new cam/pistons etc.. with a 351w from a 72 LTD. Heres the questions

1. the car constantly overheats, the fan has been replaced with an electric fan but doesnt cover the entire radiator, it has a new radiator, new thermostat, and waterpump. what else could cause the overheating?

2. the car has a 650 edelbrock carb and runs pretty rough, it has new wires plugs, and dist.
what are some other possible causes?
Are you absoulutely positive its a W and not a C? A lot of the 2 door LTDs had 351C in them in the early 70s. That could effect the plug wire order etc.
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