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Took my engine disassembled over to a place in Holly Hill FL called Fred's fastrac
They cleaned everything up and checked the block and crank for 30 bucks

the block needs bored(120$) and the crank needs turned down (dont remember the price)
Ill need to get pistons new (figire $200) and he said he has a set of rods laying around that someone brought in get oversized? whats that mean? The guy said he'd let those go for (50$ Im thinking thats a good price?)

The heads are going to get looked over and I guess reseat the valves and all that for 170$

So Im in the hole $600 some, plus bearings ass another 100$. Also I might just have him assemble it back to a long block depends on what he quotes me for that but I dont have too much spare time

Anything I should be checking to make sure is done? Any particular brands of parts I should be looking for? I dont want anything fancy just something that will work and won't cost too much.
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