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:duh did you know...they are probably tracking it right now on gps and am getting ready to surrond my house. :histerica

yea i never have seen it on a motor is riveted right to the block...don't have the numbers for the block righ tnow but it came out to a 79 that is why i am thinking it is a popo motor....but it is in great shape i think the guy just rebuilt it before he junked the truck.....uh oh here they are..i am out :lowblow

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You've got nothing to worry about until the black vans and helicopters show up!:shocked

Looks like a Rebuilder ID tag, or Restamp some call it - usually from a bigger rebuilder. Like a national engine rebuilder with many shops, they'll put their own id tag on it so they can find out whats been done to the motor in the past by them.
I've got one on my '88 351, from a shop in Alaska.

And if anyone from those black vans asks, my name is Rusty Shackelford :toothless
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