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Since I've gotten my 94 Bronco I've been going through everything seeing what i needed to replace, and my 3rd brake light is out. I removed the two screws thinking that just the cover popped off. Apparently there is a whole housing that needs to come out, my problem is that the housing is stuck. I cant pull it away from the top. Am I doing it wrong? I can stand on the bumper and look down and see the bulbs but i cant pull it out far enough to get to the bulbs. Is there a trick to this? I searched and found this but it doesnt help me.

"Here ya go;
High-Mount Brakelamp Bulbs
To remove the brakelamp:
1. Remove the two screws from the surface of
the lens.
2. After removing the screws, remove the lamp
3. Remove the socket by rotating it 45° and
pulling it out of the lamp that contains the
burned-out bulb and replace the bulb.
To install the high-mount brakelamp:
1. Push the bulb socket into the lamp assembly
and rotate 45°.
2. Position the lamp assembly on vehicle.
3. Secure with two screws.

note that the gasket is prob weally weallt stuck to the paint...had same prob 3 yrs ago"

This website has came through with all my questions so far and I am impressed with the amount of knowledge on here. I'd be lost without this site.

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I gently stuck a screw driver in the screw holes and pryed out - not too hard and perhaps use one for each side - its just a snug fit.
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