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3G alternator FACTS (its wins agian!)

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3G Alternator front view

3G Alternator back view

3G Alternator exploded view

3G Alternator connector diagram

Installing a 3G alternator
Note: Fireguy50 is out-of-business.

130 ammp 3G At IDLE it cranked out more than 100AMPS

It MAXED out at 135AMPS

The last junkyard 3G alternator I had tested cranked out 150AMPS max
My personal 3G cranks out 165AMPS max.
This is what a 200A 3G will do:

I don't care what other people and internet sites say about the 3G alternators, or what claims they make about other alternators. As far as I know I'm the only person to publish the actual testing.

Those are the facts as I know it. Prove me wrong, or shut up
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You're preaching to the converted Ryan !

Nice work on the photos ! I'd say the 3G swap was the single best mod I've done to my 86 ...period.

It was also a virtual bolt on for us V-belters.

Nice to see the proof though

for the un educated: what did you get those off of? most anything with a 5.0 would have one right?
ford taurus too. like 90s or so. goto the parts store, have them look it up & open the box. then the yards will have miles of tauruses to choose from. honestly this 3G isnt going to put out too much more than my large case will. i just hope it will last longer than the last 4 large case units i had to swap out
This is what my research last week yielded Andy:
94-96 Mustang V6
95-96 Windstar V6
94-95 Mustang 5.0
94-96 Thunderbird 3.8 V6 non SC
93-96 E/F series trucks vans 4.9L V6

If you want to buy one right from da zone the PN for a Duralast is from a 94 Mustang PN: DL7734 It's something like a $40 core though. I'm gonna try and find one in a bone yard.
The $20 alternator testsed above was from a 1990-95 Ford Taurus 3.8L

All of these Ford vehicles had the 130amp 3G

(1994-95) Ford Mustang 5.0L
(1994-00) Ford Mustang 3.8L
(1994-97) Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar 3.8L
(1990-95) Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.8L
(1993-99) Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.0L
(1995-98) Ford Windstar 3.8L & 3.0L
(1991-94) Lincoln Continental 3.8L
(1992-97) Ford F Series Pickup
(1992-96) Ford E Series Van

Be carefull there was a 95amp 3G, it's ok, but not high-power
Most of the 130amp 3G's will crank out 140-160amps.
there are about 6 different mounting styles. 2 are good:

Ford part # F6UU-10300-FA is a 130amp 3G alternator that will fit the later serp trucks.
Last I checked dealer cost was over $225, shop around.
That part number was on:
(1997-03) Ford E Series Van, F Series Pickup 4.2L
(1995-01) Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger 4.0L
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Ryan, when you say be careful, there was a a 95amp alt..How can you tell the difference, between that one and the 130? I'm assuming the 95amp can be found in those models you listed as well??
The vent holes patern in the front case can be used the ID the size.
Large Case is 1/2" larger OD than the Small case

Small Case Frame OD: 135mm - 5.3in
Large Case Frame OD: 148mm - 5.8in
thats why the later model serp belt trucks with 3G stock were only 95amps
sucky stereo, mech fan, there wasn't a need for than much power.
I have a quick question for you our anyone else that would know.
I have a 93 5.8 bko with the stock alt. I pulled an alt of the shelf for a 93 e350 5.8 with the 130 amp option and set it next the bko alt and they looked exactly the same. The question i have is wouldnt this be a direct replacement for mine except for maybe a extra cable from alt to battery to hold the extra current. All of the other plug ins look the same. Thanks tom
Yes. make sure the mounting tabs are clocked correctly
so that i understand correctly. the top one will be a direct bolt on in an 88 5.8? Ive been wanting to upgrade my alt for awhile now. just not really sure about how or which one to get
Make sure your wiring is up to the test first. An inline fuse is a good idea also.
One simple fact... the 3G alts do NOT hold up to off-road use. Ask anyone who wheels in muddy/dusty environments and they'll tell you that they've gone through several 3G alts.
lol, i just bought two of them. funny thing is that when i went to the battery place to see what they charge to rebuild my hi-torgue starter, the guy said the same thing. of course he is a chevy guy and said a 140A ambulance package alt would be better suited. he tests alot of them and said it will not hold up in my truck. they dont sell alts so he isnt trying to sell me anything, just always gives me good advise... hmmm
Dustball said:
One simple fact... the 3G alts do NOT hold up to off-road use. Ask anyone who wheels in muddy/dusty environments and they'll tell you that they've gone through several 3G alts.

I must be one lucky SOB then. My 3G is 2 years old now in my bronco. I run alot of extremely dusty trails out here in cali. I have abused my battery where it drops to 10 volts and the alt recharges it completely. I did a fair amount of winching this weekend and it dropped below 10 volts the whole time when winching yet the 3G is still alive.

oh by the way. This one was a $15.00 junk yard pull.
mine survived my old engines blow up.
crank broke which snaped the belt off it.
and spewed alot of oil over it.

From what I've read no alt is great at mud and dirt. the problem is after the trail run, the dirt sitting inside causes the problems. If you clean it out before the , it should live longer.
man i was bummed when the guy told me that too. really i trust the guy, i just didnt want to hear that after buying two of them. blasting them with air should work for dust and maybe a "sock" of some sort as a filter around it? at the very least clean water to wash the mud out
i have been hearing about the 3g having a weak regulator, plus since its an internal regulator, once it goes, its time to get another alt. wasnt it Soderblom that said that he blew one of his 3g's by just holding the window button to long or somthin simular? it just makes the large case alt seem like a better setup, plus it puts out almost just as much power.
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