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3G double check (pics)

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Finished up my 3G swap today, so I thought I'd post a few pics of it. No need for a write up as there are already plenty. I prolly read about 8 or 10 of them. Anyways, I figure the more people who see pics, the better chance of someone spotting something I messed up.
Wiring hooked up

All cleaned up

For those who haven't seen it before, this is the stock charge cable next to the new 2ga cable. Looks like 8ga, and I definately wouldn't trust it with a bigger alt.

New alt in and lines up.

Heres a pic from the back of the alt. Look right to everyone?

This is the one I wanted double checked. I saw other write ups where people hooked their new charge cable here, just like in the stock set up, but then some of the wiring diagrams showed it going to the battery. Is this right? I haven't run it yet to make sure I don't fry anything.

Thanks for any help. A VERY easy swap for those who haven't done it.
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Ya its right, if you hook it to the Solinoid on the batt side or the battery its the same thing, just 2 more feet of cable it has to go threw, but sometimes its better cuz the solinoid has a better terminal to connect to.

Everything is hooked up right as long as the 3rd wire you cant really see is 12VS
Cool, thanks guys.
it looks great, but i do not see a fuse or circuit breaker. did you install one and not show it in the pics? it would be best to put one in for that "Just In case" i ran a circuit breaker so if it goes in the field i can troubleshoot and reset without looking for a mega fuse....just me.
this was my setup...i went 3G to the circurit breaker to the battery. i going to install a marine switch and a second battery soon.

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Ya, theres a megafuse in the charge cable, 175amp.

Everything checks out.

No movement on stock voltmeter with lights, radio, defrost and AC on. Pretty sweet.
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