The beams were done by someone fairly skilled but they missed on the PS beam's camber. Using the largest angle adjuster gets it almost close to spec. These would be good beams for a wahoo machine that doesn't see long drives on pavement or maybe a HS kid's truck. I did make long drives on pavement with them and it's doable, but the steering gently pulls to the right. Uniballs feel tight out of the truck.

The knuckle - hub assemblies are everything from the ball joints out, except for the locking hubs. I had to destroy one of those to get this front end apart. These are the one year only 4 Wheel ABS assemblies and they do have the sensors and the reluctors on the wheel hub inside the rotor.

They're still together, but being sold separately.
Beams: $350
Knuckles etc: $200
New, never installed Autofab drop pitman arm: $90

ALL OBO, No Shipping except for the pitman arm
93004 location