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Building gold from crap
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came out of a running truck, everything could use some tlc though.

400 motor supposedly had roughly 60-70k miles on it not the original motor, not sure if it was a rebuild.
does need a new carb, dizzy, they got damaged when i took out the motor, motor did run really good, but hasnt been run in about 8 months now. and before sat for about 4 when i got it, but it ran for a while around that time

np435, shifted smooth, good shape

np205, good shape as well.

everything looked tight, very little oil dripage, but i am sure that anyone that takes the stuff, regaskets at the least.

id like to get $400 b/o all together, or i will seperate, but would rather sell all together.

200 for the case
150 for ther trans
50 for the 400


but i will drive, and deliver, or meet somewhere, for gas and lunch money

located in Mass.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts