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466-472ci Basic Iron Head ~400hp Build

From $4,499.99

Choice of bore .030, .040 or .060
Choice of internal or external balance
Fully prepped factory block (hot tanked, checked for cracks, bored, honed and decked)
Brass freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed
Factory iron crankshaft (ground and polished as necessary)
Factory connecting rods (magnafluxed and cleaned)
Speedpro cast pistons and Hastings moly rings
King HP main, rod and cam bearings
Block will be painted Duplicolor engine enamel color of your choice
Wix Racing oil filter

Custom options available - Please call or email to discuss options before ordering

Hydraulic flat tappet cam, lifters and double roller timing set installed at 0*
Comp Cams springs to match cam choice, 7* steel retainers and 7* locks
New (not reman) recurved Duraspark distributor to match timing curve of your engine
Stock replacement base, cap and rotor
D3VE cylinder heads- hot tanked and assembled with stock valves and rocker arms
Comp Cams 5/16" pushrods of the correct length for your cam choice
Weiand Stealth or Edelbrock performer aluminum intake. 4150 flange
Quick Fuel 750cfm vacuum secondary carb
Stock valve covers with pcv and oil fil cap
Choice of front or rear sump factory oil pan with dipstick
Melling standard volume oil pump with pickup
Autolite spark plugs
6qts of Amsoil 30wt break in oil and oil analysis after break in
New mechanical fuel pump or chrome block off plate for electric pump
New water pump with backing plate
Stock thermostat housing and 160-180* thermostat
All stainless steel fasteners

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What are the actual dyno numbers, seems like D3 heads would need a pretty rowdy cam to make that kind of HP. Are you upgrading the factory rod bolts at this level?
Not at all a dig, I think that's a lot of motor for the money considering how complete it and the well thought out choice of parts.

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It doesn't take much cam at all to get to 400hp with d3 heads if the combination is right. D3's flow nearly identical to the coveted d0ves, it's all in matching components properly. Give us a call to discuss if you're interested in a build.
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