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I have (2) used snow blowers for sale. They are both GAS snow blowers, no electric shit.

1) Jacobsen "Sno-Burst". Body is constructed of plastic outer casing. Has electronic ignition (with key), adjustable side to side "chute" and you can also plug in an electric cord to "jump start" it. This unit is orange in color.

2) MTD Products Inc. snow blower. Unit is red, outer body is all metal. It has a tall forward throwing snow chute which is adjustable completely to the left & right and you can also angle the direction of the snow output. This one also had the option of plugging in a cord, however that feature was removed by the prior owner. This unit also has an electronic ignition with pull start (key is included). It is red & black in color.

BOTH UNITS ARE CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING. They were 100% operational last snow season (2004), but I cannot get either unit to operate. I'm not sure if the gas is bad from sitting, etc. I do not know what is wrong with either one, so please do not ask me for a diagnosis.

Again, BOTH were fully functional - motors are in good working order and are guaranteed NOT blown up!

Both units are USED and do show normal wear & tear associated with such units. Each unit is the size of a small lawn mower.

These would be great for someone who is just starting out in a lawn/building maintenance business or for someone to tinker with the engines.

Asking $50.00 EACH or package deal of $90.00 for BOTH. Pretty good deal for someone who can diagnose or fix when considering new gas powered snow blowers are in excess of $250+...

Please do not ask me to ship or transport, they have to be picked up in southern NJ by Atco Raceway.

Feel free to contact me with further questions or to seal a deal...

EMAIL: [email protected]
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