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1987 Ford Bronco 5.0 XLT 4x4
AOD trans
White exterior w/white cap
Red cloth interior
187,xxx miles

I've taken pictures of practically every angle and every THING...

All pictures are self explanatory and anyone can see the overall condition of this truck is above average for an 87 Bronco that has been daily driven.

PLEASE VIEW ALL PICTURES, as I have taken the time to take many pics and most questions could be answered by viewing ALL the pics in the album.

Just click on the link below. Once there, just click directly on the album picture to the left and the site will proceed to show all of the pics in slide show format (LINK DOES WORK!)


Bronco was originally ordered with the factory towing package, so it has the heavy duty dual shocks in the front, trans cooler mounted in front of the A/C condensor, heavy duty suspension and the trailer hitch harness, etc. The factory Class 3 hitch is missing, it was not there when I bought the truck.

This truck was a highway use only vehicle, it's never been off road and it has never had a plow attached to it.

Engine: The original 1987 5.0 flat tappet engine was just recently replaced. The "New" 5.0 motor is a 1996 Bronco 5.0 roller engine that I purchased from Al's Auto in Trevose, PA. It has a 1 year warranty and I have the receipt (cost was I think $580.00).

AOD trans: AOD was recently professionally rebuilt a few months ago. That too has a 1 year warranty and I have the receipt (cost was $689.00).

Wheels: 1995/96 Ford "Alocoa" 15x8 rims. These are the rims that look like "Weld Racing" wheels, aluminum with the holes (NO rivets). There are new BF Goodrich All Terrain 31" tires on the rims (less than 3,000 miles on them).

Other new items installed or replaced:

Kenwood detachable face CD head unit
Pioneer front speakers in doors (factory locations)
JVC 3-way speakers in rear locations
rear rubber cargo mat
front tow hooks
new heater core
new air horns (to replace the crappy OEM horns - these things will blast anyone out of the way)
new radiator & all cooling hoses
all new engine sensors (O2, intake, air charge, TPS, IAC, etc)
new Summit Racing headers (NOT factory exhaust manifolds & 100% emissions legal)
new tune up parts (distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve, etc)
new A/C pressure switch
new floor mounted headlight high beam switch
new Bosch starter
new TFI module
new battery cables
new windshield washer resevoir pump
new driver's side power window motor
new passenger side power window motor drive gear installed
new belt tensioner idler pulley
new throttle cable
brand new exhaust - new "Y" pipe & brand new single hi-flow catalytic converter ($561.00)
02/27/06 - new front brake pads

The truck is extremely clean for the year. A/C blows cold! All lights, wipers, tailgate window, cruise control, etc all work. 4x4 works without issues.

There is slight rust over each rear wheel well (common) but it's NOT as bad as I have seen on other Broncos. The rear tailgate had the typical rust at the bottom, but I cleaned it up and installed a permanent brushed stainless steel strip at the bottom of the tailgate that matches the brushed aluminum center section on the tailgate.


original steering box needs adjustment or replacement
muffler (original muffler split at top seam now)

The truck is mechanically sound!

The truck has NEVER been offroad, just highway use. It also has NEVER had a plow attached. Non-smoker vehicle too. Exterior looks nice, very presentable. Interior has NO rips in any of the cloth seats and is really clean given it's a daily driver and is 19 yrs old.

ALL receipts for the above replacement parts and/or services performed can be provided, as I have all of them. I have NJ Title in my possession.



Located in Southern NJ (near Atco Raceway)


PM me or email me: [email protected]

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Dude if i was closer i would be all over this. that is a nice truck and by far some of the best pics i have seen taken in the for sale section in a long while. the only other left to do after looking at that is test driving.

well here is a free bump for you and this is one hell of a deal.


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Jersey 4X4 said:
Bronco looks nice. I'm also in Atco and would like to see it Sat.
I sent you an E-mail with my phone #s. Thanks

Hi Ron,

I responded to your email tonight, check your personal email account.

Thanks for the interest!

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$2200 CASH/OBO

not advertising Bronco to be mint - it's a damn good driver, it's very clean and presentable for it's age and really mechanically sound. I drive about 300+ miles every week for work and close to another 100 every weekend for my drive to Barnegat NJ. Great 2nd "Beater" or Bronco to have for hauling stuff, or to use as a daily driver while your nice vehicle sits...

NO interior water leaks - rear cap has never been off the vehicle.

I have ALL receipts for everything listed in the original ad.

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shoot cash offers - if I have to bump this again, I'm parting it out... I've got too much $$ tied up in it and really need to get my 94 XLT on the road..
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