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You should probably get another camshaft to go with new lifters. At least that's what I always advise people sticking with hydraulic flat lifters to do. You have another timing set too, right?

I mentioned this in another thread somewhere recently, but Plastigage the rod and main bearings. Use the standard size bearings, and see what your clearances are.

Use a bore micrometer and dimension the bores, then go from there. The Haynes manual should show how to do it. There is an upper service limit to using standard size pistons & rings (4.005 inch, IIRC), and you also have to beware of cylinder taper. If you're already there, or it'd take that much honing to get the cylinders to the final finish, you're going to have to have the bores cut, i.e. the motor's gonna have to come out. That'd mean new pistons, too.

I can identify with you wanting to rering, but I also have a good friend from my Mustang racing days that tried to do the same thing with his 5.0L. Each and every time we'd go to the track after his rebuild, he'd get to about the 1000-foot mark, and his car would start blowing blue smoke like crazy. I'm not fully convinced he broke it in correctly, but I'm also not convinced he checked the ring end gap right, either. My point is, don't just hope for the best. Check EVERYTHING, and dimension properly. If you just slap it together, we'll be having this conversation within a month from now again.
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