Selling the 5-lug converted semi-floating 10.25" axle. I built this axle in this thread and it would probably be about the strongest 5-lug axle without going expensive aftermarket. it has a composite clutch Trac-Lok limited slip and 4.10 gears. Disc brakes that SHOULD fit most 15" wheels (fit my factory aluminum wheels). Custom axle shafts from Dutchamn Axle, still have invoice. Leaf perches replaced and angled for Bronco. Finned aluminum diff cover. It uses modified rotors but i have a spare

So i will say it has 4.10 gears that are in useable condiiton. but the RnP do have some small dings and chips but has been driven a long time with it not problem.

A downside of this axle is there is no aftermarket differentials available so Trac-Lok or open diff are the only real options. Also higher gear ratios are kind of intresting being semi-floating. Since theres no notched crosspins avalible, to run higher gear ratios, you would have to make the existing crosspin into a notched crosspin.

local pickup only. asking $300 OBO, really want to get rid of it, its been sitting for years

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