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1978 Ford Bronco XLT camper special
Ford 400 w/ edelbrock 1406 (auto choke) & Performance Distributors DUI
Dana 44 front axle with 8-lug conversion 4.10 ratio w/ 9/16" wheel studs
Dana 60 rear axle with 8-lug 4.10 ratio w/ 1/2" wheel studs
45 gallon gas tank
Powerking tires
81363 on the odometer, unsure of actual mileage.

The "PO" designation means that's how the bronco was when I bought it.

The reason for the different wheel studs is because I bought the bronco for the dana 60 front axle. Swapped the dana 60 front into my 78 F150, and the dana 44 from the f150 swapped to the bronco. The wheels fit over both stud sizes with no issues.

The tailgate window works, but only in bypass mode. It worked when I bought it, but I swapped the innards from another tailgate, rebuilt it, and the window hasn't worked from the tailgate, or the dash since. There's power to the connection behind the taillight, so I'm leaving it to someone else to diagnose.

I resealed the valve covers, the oil pan, and changed spark plugs, plug wires, and any hoses that were worn or leaking.

The radiator is showing signs of leaks at the seams...it's a brass unit with maybe 2 or 3 cores. It's a small one...definitely not the heavy duty version. PO

All of the weatherstrip is worn, cracked, old. PO

I added a drain plug to the stock C6 pan, but while reinstalling the pan to the transmission, the gasket moved a bit, so the pan leaks from the gasket.

It's only been driven about 10-15 miles in the past 3 years. Other hobbies have taken priority. It starts with a couple pumps of the gas pedal.

I removed all of the interior carpet because it was probably original. The original data sheet was underneath, and is included.

The exhaust is...ummm...a modern art masterpiece. It works, but it's a mishmash, and even has wire holding it up. PO

There are no rear parking brake cables. There's a cable from the pedal to where it's supposed to tee, but nothing after. PO

The front suspension has drop brackets for the radius arms. PO

The rear suspension has the leaf springs reversed...meaning the shackle is in the front. PO

Front bench seat, and rear bench seat. Front seat has seen better days, but it still works. PO

I removed the CB antenna that was attached to the drivers rear...there are 4 holes to show for it. PO

The PO had a roof rack at some time, and there are two cleats attached to the removable top. PO

I removed the rear bumper to access the tailgate wiring, which can be seen hanging in the last photo. I will reinstall the bumper, and put the wiring back where it was.

The previous owner said that the bronco had issues after refueling, and I haven't dropped the tank, so unsure what that might mean. I drained tall of the gas (the tank has a drain plug), and refilled, and there were no issues with the engine running.

There are some miscellaneous parts in the back - the AC pump, AC condensor, hubcaps, and ???

I know there's a lot of work to get this back to it's former glory, but I want someone else to enjoy the process, and the bronco. I know that a bronco in this condition, with these options, is rare. Nevertheless, the list price is what I've invested in the bronco, and I would like to recoup what I've invested.

If I had the time, I'd do all of the repairs, and upgrades, and keep it, but that's not going to happen with my other hobbies, and projects...so someone else can enjoy this bronco.

If anyone wants specific photo's, or has questions, let me know.


I'm letting this go to someone who can restore it...and this is the place for those who appreciate bronco's.

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This shouldn't last to long. I wish I was finished with my current project.
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