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So, does this job require you to pull the transmission or can
you do it from the top?
What did you end up doing Tim?
Did you ever fix this{?}
I bet it ain't that big of a deal. :)

"it's easy when you know how"
-cowboy buddy that's accomplished much!

This could be a really cool-old-thread if the OP (or someone else)
would answer EZ-money's questions here. ;)

Couple pictures to make it look EZ for you to do yourself, EZ... ;)


Never had a Mazda transmission in mine, checked out the ratios
and decided I'd have-to change it for a wide-ratio ZF anyway, so
got a cheap and easy-to-get automatic Bronco. Got a T18 in my
'75 F150 (bought new) and didn't want to change to a "car like"
shift pattern. ;)

ZF's are easy to get from F250's.

Alvin in AZ

· AKA: Butthead
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first need to find out which trans I have...
IMS there is a tag on the drivers side of the trans were the fill and
drain plugs are... is there and easy way to tell which trans I have??
Coool... a stupid question! LOL :)
I like those, I can answer those. ;)

Here's an M5OD-HD (ZF) tag, notice how it's "stamped"...

I suggest just using a rag to wipe the M5OD-R2 (Mazda) tag off.

An E4OD tag is a decal on a metal plate and will wipe off with just
a rag sometimes, let alone with carburetor or contact cleaner! :(

BTDT :/ Saved most of it but still, it sucked.

One of Ford's cheaper ideas? ;)

Big sheets of cardboard from Costco is what I like the best for
ground cover.

Alvin in AZ
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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