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i am installing a 6 inch rough country lift on my 89 bronco and have a quick question. i got add-a-leafs and blocks. do i need to use the stock block that is on it or do i need to leave it off.

also i am kinda new to the board(been reading alot of the posts for a while now just never got around to posting one).:thumbup

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yes, you need the stock angle wedge too .... do not wheel with it too hard or you will throw the axle out on the trail ... trust me..I learned the hard way!

Do a shackle flip OR buy the proper leaf springs

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Second warning

Do Not Wheel Hard With That Set-Up

Wait at least a month or so after you install the
spring kit and then tighten those suckers back
down again. Or you will be sorry. Your U-Bolts
will loosen on you and you will pop that block
when you not expecting it.

On a side note, Save some cash and get some
full spring leaf packs as soon as possible. You
will like them a lot more for their performance
and they are much safer to wheel with.

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I am in the same situation.
I wanna take out my lift blocks and put an engle block in, the pinion angle isn't right. A guy I know said he'd make me a pair, all I need are the dementions, do you guys know off hand what the dementions are for the stock angle blocks?
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