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1961 Chevy 1.5 ton flatbed. This truck is very heavy duty, rated for a 14k gvw, which translate to a 8k load capacity. The flatbed is 8'x12', so it would be pretty easy to put a trail rig on the deck. The rear axle is also pretty close to the rear end, so you could basically put any trailer behind it and you couldn't tell. Power is a very sweet 350 chevy, with an sm420 trans, and 5.38 rears. The truck turns about 4000 rpm at 65, but requires almost no throttle to cruise, and has tons of power. Everything mechanical apears to be in very good shape. The engine is about the nicest sounding 350 I've heard, and has a rebuilt tag on it, but with unknown miles. It has a new coil, fuel pump, plugs, cap & rotor, rebuilt carb, etc. The tranmission feel like it was recently rebuilt as well, but I cannot verify this. The rear 1/2 of the driveline is new, and all u-joints are new. Rear end is in unknow shape, but it's a massive thing, so I doubt very much it could be damaged. I beilive it's a 14-15' ring gear!! The hydroboost unit (divorced brake booster, a common failure point on these trucks) has been rebuilt. The only major mechanical problem is that the truck needs new rear wheel clyinders & almost certainly shoes. I will do the work for cost of parts, and I suspect it would be about $200. The body is very clean and rust free, with the exeption of 2 small dents. The truck's interior is in pretty bad shape, but could be completly redone for about $200. All the electrical stuff works, and the rear wiring harness is brand new. Other than that, the only real problem is that the truck has a slavage title, and need a brake and light inspection. It was not involved in a wreck, but rather, was sold to a junkyard and then sold back to clean fees. I inherineted the title, and have done everything needed to get a real title exept the brake and light inspection. All fees and paperwork is done. As is the norm on these older rigs, not much attention was paid to luxery comforts, but it would be easy to customize. This is a very strong truck, and need a good home.

Asking $1250 obo.
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