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Can someone point me in the direction of some information on what works well when installing a hydraulic clutch say for a ZF5 or NV4500 transmission? I've seen a few links here and there with some info, so maybe I have everything I need if I scan through it all again. My understanding is I'd need a brake/clutch pedal assembly from a 78-79 F150, but maybe those aren't all the same? Some work better than others? Other model years work? Issues hooking back up to the brake booster?

Then there would be some small pedal modifications to get it to work with a hydraulic master cylinder. Also firewall reinforcement might also be necessary. Let me know what you guys did and what worked well. I'm also planning brake upgrades over the stock system, so I'm wondering if anyone did this as well and had everything hook up ok (i.e. the F350 brake upgrade, hydroboost, other options, etc.).

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Hydro clutch started in 83 and 84 depending on engine. And yes, reinforce the firewall.

For a zf5, you'll need a clutch master and slave from an 87+ f series. In the 87+ years, there were two types of pedal assemblies: vacuum brakes and hydroboost. HB only came on F-Superduty and has a different pivot-to-master cylinder rod distance.

Thats about all i can help. Not real keen on the 78/79
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