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i got a few parts i want to get rid of, i'll give you guys a good deal on them.

parts from 79 bronco, 351M. i have:

Distributor - $10 - SOLD

brand new master cylinder - $25 - SOLD

2 brand new super lift front shocks, 0-2" lift - $10 for pair - SOLD

t case - np205, unsure how well it works - $50 - SOLD

brand new passenger front fender - $30 - SOLD

hood, has surface rust but very solid, just needs some sanding and paint, came from south. has holes for "FORD" letters up front - $40 - SOLD

2nd hood, on my truck now, little to no rust, i'm pretty sure it was put on truck very recently by other owner, has a couple holes on top from when it had a hood scoop on from prior owner, i filled them with silicone. very solid hood - $50 - SOLD

stock black steel front bumper, great shape, just repainted(no pics yet, will soon) - $10

stock black steel rear bumper, could use some paint, little bent but over all really good shape - $10

2 sun visors, white, great shape - $5

outside spare tire carrier(from a 86) - free, come get it - GONE

front sway bar from 78 - free, come get it - GONE

All prices are just a base, just listed the what i'd like to get, but i am willing to go down a little if you think it's to high for something, i'll give you a deal if you want multiple items. Also, i'm up for trades for other 78/79 parts, video game systems/games, what ever you got, alway up for trades. i take paypal and cash. i'll ship small stuff, but big stuff like radiator, hood, fender, headers, drive shafts are pick up only. i'll be back in michigan (where parts are) end of the month, so if we get a deal worked out i can get them shipped out then. thanks for looking, also can contace me by email - [email protected]

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Those driveshaft are both from a 79?? I ask becuase I wouldlike to get both of them if they are in good shape, as in no broken yokes and the splines aren't wore, I'd replace the u-jooints anyways most likelly.
I am switching everything over to the bigger 1330 u-joints on mine.

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Double post... woops lol

Also, you got any XLT badges in that box? lol
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