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G'day all,

OK, here's the deal, I got a '78 Bronco with a NP205 T case, but the rear end is a 8.8 out of a '86(truck or bronc, I have no idea).

Problem is, Need a new rear drive shaft, my slip yoke is shot.

So, when this shaft(stock to the 78) was put in we had to build a custom u-joint from 3 joints total(and mostly chevy parts, at that!) to get cap diameters and cross widths to match the shaft to the 8.8

Question is, if i buy a rear shaft for a 86 bronco, it should mate to the 8.8 perfectly(Right?), but will the upper joint be the right one to mate to my 205?

Obviously I'm gonna take the old one in when I get the new one and measure all caps and widths on it and what I get, but it'd be nice to know whether to expect this to work or not. Or whether i should just plan on having to spend the extra $$ to build the custom joint...(not a great prospect since the shaft itself is costing me $300+)

Thanks for any help,


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Here are some general notes on 4x4 Universal Joints & Driveshafts:

Universal Joint Types
Cardan Style
Constant Velocity (CV)

Universal Joint Series/Sizes
1310 Universal Joint
3.219" (3-7/32") Wide / 1.062" (1-1/16") Diameter Caps

1330 Universal Joint
3.625" (3-5/8") Wide / 1.062" (1-1/16") Diameter Caps

1350 Universal Joint
3.625" (3-5/8") Wide / 1.188" (1-3/16") Diameter Caps

1410 Universal Joint
4.188" (4-3/16") Wide / 1.188" (1-3/16") Diameter Caps

Odd Hybrid Universal Joint
1310 to 1330 / 1.125" (1-1/8") Diameter Caps

Other Crossover Hybrid Universal Joints are available.

Driveshaft Types
Single Cardan
Double Cardan
Constant Velocity (CV)

Driveshaft Variable Length
Slip Yoke Shaft (Slips in & out of the transfer case)
Slip Member Shaft (Slips mid-driveshaft)

Pinion Yoke (Attaches directly to the Pinion Shaft)
Companion Flange (A fixed flange member with a bolt on Yoke)

Causes and Remedies of Driveshaft Vibration:

Improper universal joint operating angles / improper driveshaft geometry
- Measure and set proper geometry

Too extreme universal joint operating angles
- Switch to higher angle capable u-joint series or CV joint
- Reduce operating angles (reduce suspension height)

Poor balance of driveshaft assembly (common)
- Have driveshaft professionally balanced
- Ensure proper phasing

Driveshaft balance weights damaged or missing
- Have driveshaft professionally balanced

Worn-out / improperly lubricated U-joints (common)
- Inspect, lubricate, replace u-joints as required

Worn tail-cone / slip yoke or slip member
- Inspect and replace worn components as required

Bent, dented, fractured tubing
- Inspect and repair/replace as required

Here is an excellent link from to everything you wanted to know about 4x4 Driveshafts: BillaVista Tech Garage Driveshaft 401. I know that this probably didn't answer your specific question, but it will give you some good information to refer to.


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Thanks, thats a lot of info... at least now I know the proper term for what everyone here calls a slip yoke.. Slip Member Shaft... Thats whats worn on mine, I can flex the shaft at that point a good 4 or 5 degrees..

The more i think about this, its real simple; all I need to know is if the yoke on the transfer case on a '86 bronco is the same as it is on a '78. And if they're different, what the numbers are so i can get a cross over joint like mentioned above(Didn't know those were made..)
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