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Although it hurts it has to be done. I have a '78 Bronco custom for sale. Driveline completly redone including new engine w/Edelbrock-Holley 4brl and Lunati cam, c6 trans, np205 transfer case, new driveshaft, 9-inch rear, new springs-shocks and every other suspension component. New dual exhaust, seats, and every u-joint, bearing and bushing including steering components all rolling on decent 31x10's. "New" as referred here means less than 15k miles since done.

Now the bad. Tailgate is shot. Needs rust repair around rear wheel wells, lower door skins and some floor work.

I have over $7000 in reciepts all done by pro shops and it pains me to have to let this go short of completion but go it must...soon! The truck runs and drives like a dream. I'm asking $1900 obo and believe me, ALL offers will be considered. Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] for pics or call at 519-560-3717. Thanks.

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