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Bought this for a weekend event down here in FL known as MUDFEST. Prior to this event i installed a new T-case chain, Rad, water pump... and a handfull of other little things.

Does not exaclty run very good any more. Not sure what the problem is, but it is due to an electrcial problem i think because sometimes it runs great, and other times not so good.

I bought it, left it at the dealership i work at where i did the repairs and prep, then ran it for this one weekend.

I have about $800 in it, if i can get it out as a whole unit for not much under that, then come get it. Or if you need any parts, shoot me a PM. :thumbsup:

parts will be cleaned, fluids will be drained.

The inside carpet is slighly muddy... buddy forgot to close the door when getting pulled out.

the rear cross member came apart when being pulled out :eek:

located in Vero Beach FL 32968. :thumbsup:
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