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'79 351W complete motor

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Item name: 351W complete motor
Price: 250 OBO
Bought this to do a stroker with, but i have decided to play with the inline longer. Motor turns over by hand. One hedder is missing the exhaust flange where the dwn pipe would mount. Distributor is out as i prime the motor once and awhile. I am unsure on the specs of any of the internals. NEevr asked the guy i bought from as I was planning on tearing it totally down. ALso comes with Complete Fel Pro gasket kit.

Can help easily help load

Location (City): Hartford, Mi
ZIP CODE (for shipping calculations): 49057
Will you Ship? (Y/N): nope
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc):
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc): Cash/Paypal
Other info: It needs to go out of the garage

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hmm...i want it, but it'll have to wait a while...
nah.....i really don't NEED a 393 for a DD and it will jsut get me in trouble. I am planning on rebuilding and hopping up the inline after the Midwest M&G, also this will save me on money. BTW if you have ever had a inline, damn thye are nice to work on, you can't beat the engine compartment space.
bumpity....someone wants this
is it a 4 barrel intake?
Yep, of the edelbrock variety
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