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'79 Bronco, 75k, 38.5" TSL's, 3'' lift, Nashville TN $3,500 OBO

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'79 Bronco, 75k, 38.5" TSL's, 3'' lift, Nashville TN $2800OBO

***NEW PRICE $2800obo***

OK, here's the description verbatim of my buddy b005t3d on

b005t3d said:
i am trying to sell my 79 bronco 4x4. it has 75,000 original miles on it and runs great. it has 38.5 inch super swamper tsl's on it with a 3 inch lift. 4 wheel engages perfectley and the tranny shifts like the truck just came from the dealership. i have had it for 3 months now and just had a baby so my prioities changed alot. (the woman says i can only have one tow) im selling for $2800 or best offer. let me know if anyone is interested.
Here's the link to see the page yourself:

The truck is in bellevue, TN. and he's willing to deliver it for like 50 cent a mile... Now I'm workin' on tryin' to get this thing myself, but I wanted to offer it to y'all cause I'm trying to help out a friend in need... not counting that his wife wants it gone... he got rear ended by a fawking semi and spun out on the highway!
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Pics don't work.
You can't view the pics on the other web page unless you log in.
I like the Freewheeler package........pretty nice Bronco!
very interested but pics dont work

could you maybe send some to [email protected]
Pics don't work. How bout sending me some to [email protected]

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