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'79 Bronco parts - D44, 9", NP205, C6, tires, more!

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Item name: buncha parts
Price: as listed / OBO

2 Stock shock tower $10 / each
2 F250 shock tower - new $20 / each
1 NP205 transfer case $100
1 C6 transmission $125
1 Bulletproof track bar $100
1 Offbrand 35" tire mud tread on wagon wheel steelie (5 on 5.5) $25
1 Used all terrain 35" tire on newer Ford style steel wheel (5 on 5.5) $25
2 351/400 exhaust manifold $40 / set
4 Stock '79 Bronco wagon wheel steel wheels (one slightly bent at lip, could be pounded out) $50

ALL prices are OBO.
Post here, PM or email me (ecrist at gmail dot com) for any questions or pics of any parts.

Location (City): Peoria, AZ
ZIP CODE (for shipping calculations): 85373
Will you Ship? (Y/N): Yes, plus packaging at buyers expense
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc): whatever is best / cheapest
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc): PayPal, check, MO, cash. Must clear before I ship
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*** I tried to PM you this but your box is full!!! ***

Hey dude,

Moments ago I had to plunk down an ass load of money that I wasn't expecting on a last minute plane ticket for my son, thanks to my ex being a POS. I'm a little on the cash poor side for the next couple of weeks.

I'm not backing out of wanting your tranny but if you get another offer, take it. I won't be butt hurt at all. I have no urgent need for it. I'm just prepping for a 203/205/C6 swap in the far off future.

Take the cash if you can get it!!!

I'm stupid. I have 2 money pit's right now. The Donkey and the Sami and prior to finding out about your sale I ordered alot of crap for the Sami.

Kill me.

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