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'79 Bronco parts - D44, 9", NP205, C6, tires, more!

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Item name: buncha parts
Price: as listed / OBO

2 Stock shock tower $10 / each
2 F250 shock tower - new $20 / each
1 NP205 transfer case $100
1 C6 transmission $125
1 Bulletproof track bar $100
1 Offbrand 35" tire mud tread on wagon wheel steelie (5 on 5.5) $25
1 Used all terrain 35" tire on newer Ford style steel wheel (5 on 5.5) $25
2 351/400 exhaust manifold $40 / set
4 Stock '79 Bronco wagon wheel steel wheels (one slightly bent at lip, could be pounded out) $50

ALL prices are OBO.
Post here, PM or email me (ecrist at gmail dot com) for any questions or pics of any parts.

Location (City): Peoria, AZ
ZIP CODE (for shipping calculations): 85373
Will you Ship? (Y/N): Yes, plus packaging at buyers expense
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc): whatever is best / cheapest
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc): PayPal, check, MO, cash. Must clear before I ship
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The Swampers have a little less than 1/2 inch of tread left.
davids78bronco said:
ok - just wanted to ask, in case anyone else was wanting to know... as much as I want too, I can't afford to ship those to me. which is too bad... 1/2 life tires, mounted, for 200 bucks is a damn good deal
Ya, I paid 300 for the set including the rims and put less than 1k miles on them. It all good though, Dustin is coming over to look at them so he may have a new set of trail tires soon. :thumbup
RTM said:
How old are the 4 inch coils? How do they ride on the road, firm or hard?
The coils have less than 4k miles on them and they ride really nice. They are very flexy. I originally had 4" Superlift coils and they were like riding on bricks. These JBG coils are much softer.
JustAGuy said:
Interested in the 2" rear lift blocks (set). Are you willing to ship to Canada? If so what would shipping be to postal code N3H 3Y8. This is in Cambridge, Ontario just about 1 1/2 hours north of the border. Thanks.
Sorry, they're already gone.
babybopbronco said:
didnt see it but no harm in asking, rear leaf springs with the 4in lift?
The rear springs are already gone.
94_chickentaco said:
eric, i want the radius arms and coils. I will PM you.
Aw shit man...I already made a deal on the coils. I working a deal on Pirate for the arms right now so just give me the word if you want them and I'll tell the other guy they're gone.
94_chickentaco said:
yeah, i want the arms.
You got it.
AdamG said:
Still got the track bar?
babybopbronco said:
any interior parts-looking for bucket seats?
Sorry no...none of that left.
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